"Diese spektakuläre All-Star Band hat sich ganz der Melange aus Americana und Jazz verschrieben und erinnert dabei stark an Filmmusiken bleihaltiger Italowestern. Ein heißer Abend in Wüstenstimmung, u.a. von Mitgliedern von RADAR, DESPERADO5, FREEZER, BARFLY'S, DOLLYS MEAT, SETTING MOON und der BRASS BAND CHEMNITZ zelebriert."
- Chemnitzer Stadtmagazin 371

Calaveras present oddities in a dark and strangely fascinating mood. But don't let the doomy side of the band fool you since they are neither afraid of melancholy nor beauty. All of the compositions float in a sometimes gloomy, sometimes furious but always natural sound. The discriminating factor in Calaveras' music must be the melodies, which are - full of pathos but not lacking an appropriate sense of irony - performed by a malicious voice. And the instruments sing as well, be it the western guitar, the cello or the trumpet. Through the arrangements real songs emerge out of every tune. Songs that speak in a bitter-sweet way about an imaginary place that the listener might not be familiar with but that seems very inviting nevertheless.

Sebastian Mansch - Vocals , Rhythm Guitar
Robert Lässig - LeadGuitar , RhythmGuitar , LapSteelGuitar
Ron Heinrich - LeadGuitar , RhythmGuitar
Tom Müller - Drums
Markus Altmann - Cello , Percussion
Carsten Harbeck - UprightBass
Thomas Blasko - Trumpet